wants to make
a perfect cup of coffee

Some are

simply born
to this art
What can we do for you ?

Coffee Bars

Mobilne bary kawowe
Fully equipped and fully mobile coffee bars offer us the opportunity to share a PERFECT cup of coffee ANYWHERE in Poland or even in Europe.

Outdoor events, business meetings, conferences and symposia, market stalls and fair booths, weddings, anniversaries, and other family celebrations, or even just a mobile coffee shop… These are the types of projects we can undertake with you, do for you (with GREAT pleasure!)
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Identyfikacja firmy na kubkach
Your logo
on paper cups
Twoje logo
Custom logo
Latte art

Day after day, the I Love Coffee team devotes itself limitlessly to a passion for coffee. We advise, train, and suggest.

Would you like to become a barista? Are you interested in the subject of coffee? Do you like the aroma and the taste of the most popular beverage in the world? We are waiting for you!

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Kawa Kraków
Coffee is not only espresso.

Here you will find a broad offering of SPECIALTY coffees, note descriptions of the various brewing methods, as well as hear our suggestions and advice regarding choice and infusion of specific beans and grounds.
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Coffee Academy
Computer, tablet, or smartphone: thanks to our Virtual Academy video, you can heighten your awareness and knowledge about coffee wherever you are – any place, any time. Our Virtual Academy never sleeps! It is available to you 24/7, around the clock.
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Just like pictures from a vacation, we can share with you information about the most significant coffee events in which we can participate.

If something new catches our attention, we will let you know immediately.
Take a peak, read, comment on what you see.